Collaborative foundation aims to boost MIPS adoption

A collaborative, nonprofit foundation has been started by a group of technology companies to boost the adoption of the MIPS processor architecture.

Imagination Technologies, Broadcom, Cavium, Ikanos, Ineda Systems, Ingenic Semiconductor, Lantiq, Nevales Networks, PMC and Qualcomm have founded “prpl,” an open-source, community-driven foundation,

Imagination Technologies said Thursday. The company also separately announced that it will collaborate with Oracle to enhance Java for embedded and Internet of Things applications, and to optimize Java for the MIPS CPU architecture.

MIPS implementations are mostly used in embedded systems such as routers and video game consoles, for instance, which could make them particularly useful for the burgeoning Internet of Things market.

Imagination has been pushing to expand the use of MIPS chips since it bought the financially struggling MIPS Technologies in 2012. Currently, more than 3 billion MIPS units have shipped, according to the company.

Each member company will provide its particular expertise to the foundation’s engineering groups. For instance, Qualcomm will focus on networking and build a community around OpenWrt, an OS based on the Linux kernel that is often used to route network traffic.

“Instead of every company doing the work individually, they all come together in prpl. They do the work and every company benefits from that work,” Imagination spokesman Alexandru Voica said.

Prpl will offer open-source OS distributions for MIPS, including Android, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu, essentially creating a repository for developers and others.

Working together in this way makes sense, said Richard Fichera, vice president and principal analyst of infrastructure and operations at Forrester Research. “As far as I can see, it is an intelligent strategy and program to boost MIPS, which has been under immense pressure from ARM for mobile device market share,” he said.

Another focus of the foundation will be on enabling next-generation “data-center-to-device” portable software and virtualized architectures, Imagination said.

That strategy, however, is less to Fichera’s liking. “MIPS lost its chance at the core data-center server market,” he said, adding that he seriously doubts that anyone will invest in either silicon or systems to have another run at it.

“Any significant investment in a non-x86 server will be centered on ARM or possibly OpenPOWER rather than MIPS. However, MIPS is a perfectly good embedded compute resource, and is appearing in network-edge devices as programmable cores for both embedded network functions and as a user-programmable device,” he added.

As for Imagination’s collaboration with Oracle, the companies will work to bring broad Java support to 32-bit and 64-bit MIPS architectures for use in a broad range of applications including routers, other networking equipment, mobile devices and the Internet of Things, they said.


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Employers want Java skills more than anything else

Java development was the most sought-after software-building skill by employers searching in the first quarter of 2014, the company said on Wednesday.

Employers searched Dice thousands of times to look for software developers, engineers, architects and leads, Dice President Shravan Goli said in a statement. “The number one request by a large margin: Java/J2EE,” Goli said. “For a programming language that started to be commercialized about 20 years ago, its stranglehold on modern development is unshakable.”

Following Java/J2EE as the most in-demand software development skills were .Net, C++, C#, senior development skills, SQL, HTML, C, Web and Linux. “Experience is clearly of value, with many hiring mangers seeking senior developers,” Goli said. But new graduates should not fret, as hiring managers searching for “computer science” ranked number 33 on Dice’s site — a trend that should equate to demand for those with recent diplomas, he said. Dice’s survey covered from January 1 to April 15.

For technologies specifically geared to Web development, JavaScript came in at 12th on Dice’s list, followed by ASP.Net (17th), HTML5 (19th), PHP (20th), and CSS (32nd). (A recent report by WalletHub found Web application developer to be the best entry-level job.) Mobile platform skills were mostly ranked below Web skills in Dice’s assessment, with Android ranking 31st and iOS coming in 35th place.

Looking into what the future holds, Dice anticipates increased demand for developers and designers with skills pertaining to wearable electronics, the Internet of Things, and drones and robots.

The job market in general is rosy for software developers, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a 2.8 percent unemployment rate for this sector in the first quarter, Dice said. This compares to 5 percent in the same quarter five years ago and 5.5 percent four years ago. Overall, Dice posted 80,784 available technology jobs on May 1, including 48,202 full-time positions.

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The Methodology Doesn’t Matter, It’s Having One That Counts

Methodologies can get very religious. Should we be doing TDD? Should we use Waterfall? Should we have stand-up meetings? What sort of continuous delivery should we use?

A few years back I was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. At the time I was diagnosed I was not particularly overweight and my diet was not too unhealthy. But I was coming out of a time in my life where I had been overweight and I used to snack a lot. At one of the places where I had worked there had been a food table where you could help yourself to the food and my desk was right next to it. As I used to really enjoy my sweet food it and I didn’t do much exercise it was a health disaster waiting to happen. Now days I eat healthier, have fewer sugary foods and I also exercise regularly.

In my opinion not having a methodology is much like not having a healthy lifestyle. Your code becomes overweight with bug fixes, and getting the code out of the door, much like getting yourself out of bed when you are overweight, can be quite a chore.

I am a great believer in the idea that not only the way you write code, but also the process involved in the delivery of it are highly coupled to the quality of the code. So for me, having a methodology is like having an exercise regime. The methodology helps keep your code leaner and there is a greater chance of pushing the quality of your code higher.

With a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t matter what exercises you do as long as you do something, the same applies to your software development methodology.

It doesn’t matter which methodology you follow as long as you have one.


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Enhance Your Website Traffic with


The website is the virtual face of your business. The well optimized website adds more value to your business. Are you business website in need of excellent web optimization tool? Then will be the ideal choice. It’s one of the popular web analyzer sites available online. The website is loaded with a wide range of optimization tools including page rank, information of domain, keyword analyzer, free Majestic SEO, Yandex CY, Quantcast rank and much more options… The tools will assist you to know web statics of business website. You can also check your business website ranking on by entering the domain name in the search box.

Features loaded in

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.29.57 AM.png

Eg : Analysis the

The is loaded with various free optimization tools to enhance your website rankings. You can know page ranking of your domain using free Goggle page rank checker online. You need to type your website domain name in the search box and click ok. It will show your website score out of 10 and strength. You can get free google pagerank, yandex cy, quantcast rank and alexa rank for your website at . You need to mention your domain name in given box, select resolution and then click ok. It analysis to  make your website unique and secured.

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How to optimize your app’s layout on iOS 7

Whilst there is not necessarily a right way and a wrong way to design your app’s layout, there are some tricks you can use to make sure that the user experience is as optimal as possible.

Ample Space for Controls

We all know that smartphone screens are small, and iPhones are consistently on the lower end of the screen-size spectrum.

To optimize your app’s layout for iOS 7, try to make sure that your main, controllable elements are at least 44×44 points. This way, users will have no trouble performing basic tasks with one finger or one hand while they are on the go.

Draw User Focus to Main Elements

There are two simple ways to draw the user’s attention to the main elements of your app.

1) Place important items in the upper-left of the screen (i.e. the menu) , with less important items going in the bottom-right (i.e. terms & conditions, privacy policies)

2) Make important items larger than less-important items, since larger items tend to draw the eye more easily. Larger items are also easier to access on a touchscreen, so users can perform the most essential tasks quickly and easily

Communicate Groupings


Effectively communicating which elements of your app go together can a make-or-break factor of your app’s layout. This can also be done in two ways:

1) Use alignment and indentation to organize your content and make it easier for users to discern which groups of content are related. For example, align any images or graphics with the text that they compliment. This is a cue to the reader that the picture is meant to associated with that text.

2) Consistent UI elements will also help users understand which elements belong together. A general rule of thumb is that elements that perform similar functions should also look similar. Any design inconsistencies could confuse the user and make them waste unnecessary time trying to figure things out.

Text Size

On the iPhone, users have the option of changing their default text-size setting across their device. While this is sometimes done for aesthetic reasons, many users actually use this feature due to visual impairments that make small text hard to read. If a user changes their default settings, they will expect your app to adhere to those settings as well.

For iOS 7, developers should consider adopting Dynamic Type, which will automatically adjust line spacing, line height, delineate between text types (heading, body, footer, etc…), and resize any text-size changes requested by the user.

Developers should also consider using a single font type throughout their app. This way, it will be easier for you to ensure that the font will render correctly at all different text sizes.

You should also consider making your app responsive to changes in text-size. For example, if you have a two-column, text-based app, you can make your layout shift to one column for any text-size larger than the default 17 points.

For more iOS 7 layout tips, visit Apple’s Developer Library!


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CakePHP Development Services

Cake PHP is a rapid application development framework that greatly simplifies the web application development process due to it’s easy configuration, rapid prototyping with code generation and scaffolding, clean MVC conventions and lots more. Being based on the MVC (Model, View, Controller) model, it provides logical separation of code from the user. PHP Cake Framework comes packed with rich features out-of-the-box.

Some of the striking features of Cake PHP that makes it a desirable web development platform are:

  • CakePHP is easy to set up and requires minimal coding
  • It has a built in database authentication
  • It also uses built in features for validation
  • Built in Object Relational Mapping Framework.
  • It maintains a flexible caching system and ACL.

Brainvire specializes in cake PHP web development and can conjure up advanced technology websites to kick start your business with the right approach. With a legacy of 10+ years of experience in PHP and hundreds of successful projects delivered to a global clientele, we are well equipped to facilitate web solutions using PHP for all business verticles Hotels, Restaurants, Media and Entertainment, Gaming, IT services, Social Media Networking, real estate and lots more!

Our Expertise:

  • Versions: CakePHP 2.5.X, CakePHP 2.4.X, CakePHP 2.2.X, CakePHP 2.1.X, CakePHP 2.0.X, CakePHP 1.3.X, CakePHP 1.2.X, CakePHP 1.1.X , PHP 4, PHP 5, MVC framework, ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller
  • Database: MySQL 5+, PostgreSQL
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS, Mac OSX, BSD, UNIX variants, Microsoft Windows (2008)
  • Tools: Cake PHP development Environment, Cake PHP tools , cake php ide

So, if you are looking for a generation next website with high standards in security, reliability and performance, Cake PHP development could be your answer. We provide a gamut of services using cake PHP to give that initial boost to your online business. Starting off the right way will definitely set the right direction for your business to grow!

Our CakePHP Development Services Include:

  • Website development using cake PHP framework
  • CakePHP customization services and website maintenance
  • CMS development with Cake PHP framework
  • Extension development, integration and upgradation services
  • Custom component development

The Brainvire Advantage:

  • Highly functional and efficient web solutions that are specially tailored to suit your business needs.
  • Highly experienced team of cake php developers who work in collaboration with you to understand your requirements and deliver output as per your expectations
  • Experience working with various industry verticals and a history of successful project delivery at al times.
  • Robust web applications built with the latest technology
  • Flexible and highly scalable solutions that are future proof so that your business sustains all types of technology changes.
  • Timely delivery model at competitive rates

You can even hire CakePhp programmers to suit your specific project requirements. Using powerful combinations of web technologies, our cake php developers give your business a right platform to start, grow and flourish. Our comprehensive services ensure that you get adequate support for all your queries at any time during or after project completion.

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HTML5 Canvas Graph


Create an HTML5 canvas graph with javascript.

Today we will be creating a graph that looks similar to the Google Analytics Graph using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to draw the graph. HTML5 Graph has many uses including website statistics, pageviews, visits, and so on. We will cover the basics of creating a simple graph.

The Markup

We need to trigger the NewGraph() function when the document loads. To achieve this we will be using the onLoad event.



We use the <canvas> element to draw the image to.



The whole HTML5 markup below:


The Javascript

Now for the javascript. The NewGraph() function will be called when the page loads. We start the JS with our function named NewGraph().



First, find the <canvas> element with the id of graph. Then, call its getContext() method (you must pass the string “2d” to the getContext() method). The getContext(“2d”) object is a built-in HTML5 object.



We will store the line values in an array() for the x and y values on canvas.



Create an Image object.



Before you can draw the image, the image must be fully loaded. To determine if an image is fully loaded, we use the onload event.



Start display of the image from top left of the canvas, x set to 0 and y set to 0 as well.



Line stroke width.



Line joint shape.



Line stroke color.



Use the beginPath() to start drawing a new path.



We use the JSON.parse() method to parse a string as JSON.



Draw lines from the array loop.



Fill the stroke.



Line joint color.



Draw circles from array loop.



Load the image into memory.


The whole Javascript

Fresh Tools of The Week

From HTML5UP to Intubus, and Gridzzly; this weeks listicle of fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers include some really cool resources that are worth trying out for each comes loaded with cool features. These tools are handy resources that are worth using incase one gets stuck in between or else the smart way is to make optimum sue ensuring efficiency and ease.

Take a look at this week’s list of cool tools, apps and websites that have just been introduced to let you make your pick and try them out. Also, we have listed down previous three week’s list of tools incase you have missed out any.

Fresh Tools of The Week [3rd May-9th May]

Fresh Tools of The Week [26th-April-2nd May]

Fresh Tools of The Week [18th-April-25th April]

Fresh Tools of the Week for Designers and Developers


This is an online tool that offers up great HTML5 site templates which are fully responsive, incredibly customizable, built on intelligent CSS3 and HTML5, and are released completely free under a Creative Commons license.


2. Gridzzly

Gridzzly is an online service that comprises of custom printable grid paper for you all to choose from a variety of styles including dot grids and line grids. Users can easily choose their grid size using the slider and print a sheet that fits their specific needs.


3. is the In-Browser Test Management that lets users test their web app live in the browser. Developers can make optimum use of to put structure around their in-browser testing.


4. Slowy

Slowy is a real-world connection simulator and bandwidth limiter. It is a tool that helps simulate custom connection’s conditions and limits the network traffic to a specified destination port or interface. It is created for web developers who want to test a website with a real-world connection.


5. Kaku

Kaku is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that lets user to translate their text layers to a different languages. Users can easily pick up a text layer, set the original language and the one to translate to and a new text layer will be added to their document with the translated text.


6. Intubus

Intubus is an online tool that lets users sell stuff on their site or social networks. Upload any type of file including graphic, video, music, photo, software or text file thereby setting the price you need, add a description and make a widget. The widget contains your content and other Intubus member’s content in addition. Its as simple as that.


7. Leaving Pixels Behind

Leaving Pixels Behind is a slideshow with a vector workflow for designers from Todd Parker. With 130+ slides, valuable tips for designers working with vector images or illustrations, this comes as a handy resource worth checking out.


We will be coming up with fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned and check out what handy tools are rolled out to ease your job.

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45 Best Free Blogger Templates 2014

Blogspot is the first CMS i ever remember and the first i have used and that too for years before skipping to others due to limited resources back then. Recently blogspot community has evolved to a much higher scale and we can see templates released for blogger without any pause. Many sites give away a lite version of their paid template to us and it is a boon to the blogging community. Lite version is all we need to start our business by the way from scratch.

Most free blogger templates here are recent and many sites doesn’t even has the templates listed here as of right now. Some special releases has been informed and we have listed them here just for you. One, two , three column templates all of them are here even though with little effort and play we can alter the look of the template completely. 2013 has seen huge release of themes for blogspot compared to the last years. When i was using blogger there were almost no quality themes and i had to change website appearance by myself.

Please use this opportunity as in this modern day with rise in technology enthusiasts and themes coders we now see large number of free templates for the blogger community. Also share these newly found templates within your blogger community. The Download file contains xml file and you may have to import the xml to customize your blog. Importing theme xml file and restoring is child’s play as it works flawlessly without messing up the website contents. Enough said, we will continue to update this topic with clean & free blogger templatesreleased in 2013 and further so stay tuned. Share in your comments and add any newly found template as we will include theme here for you. Here are some responsive premium blogger templates 2014 for you.


A blogger template which seems to be inspired by wordpress hexa theme which i have used recently. This theme is clean and responsive with more focus on typography, content  sidebar.

Released: 30 March 2014


Sorbet Blogger

Moments Blogger Template

A responsive personal blog style template with two columns for each navigation menu on the left and right sidebar.

Release on : 06 Feb 2014

Demo | Download



A simple two column template for blog-spot bloggers with nice typography and feature images. The sidebar and responsive design layout will inspire everyone.

Released: Jan 2014

Demo | Download


Typefocus Blogger



A magazine style blogger template with clear blog items, responsive designs, content slider, social buttons etc.

Created on : 24 Jan 2014

Demo | Download



A dieting website template for blogger with unique slider and responsive design.

Created on: 21 March 2014

Demo | Download

Dieting Template


ShotMag – Minimalist Photoblog Blogger Template

A blogspot template file which has been crafted to perfection to suit travel, blog or toe-hr creative websites of your choice. A responsive design will let the website scale to any screen size also helping to create, modify the template.



LepontoMag Free Blogger Template

LepontoMag Blogger Template is a Beautiful Business Blogger Template with 2 Columns, Right Sidebar, 3 Columns Footer, Featured Content Slider, Top Drop down Menus and Social Buttons.




SkyBlue is a free blogger template with 1 column,responsive design, gallery-styled, fresh look, rounded corners, exclusive design for Blogger, footer columns etc.



FameMag – Blogger Template for News & Magazine

FameMag is a minimalist Blogger template for multi-purposes. You can use this blogspot template for writing a personal blog or invite your friend to write as a magazine website.



Magazine Easy News

Easy News is so clean, flexible and has a fully responsive Blogger Template! This template gives you an awesome tool to launch a daily news or magazine website. Easy News has a lot of awesome features, check them out below!


Easy News


Educator Blogger Template is utterly stylish yet decent and sober theme designed for BlogSpot based websites. We have designed this template for all those colleges, universities and other institutions who want to have an amazingly professional website with not a lot of expenses.



Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template

Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template is a multi-purpose straight Blogger template precisely designed for multimedia, news bulletin, Entertainment and Technology blogs. With elegant green color scheme, Fla tMag gives you visitors the experience of their life as they go though the responsive and flexible design.



Vortex Responsive Blogger Template

Vortex is 100% responsive, high functioning and multimedia magazine style blogger template designed for richly professional bloggers and webmasters. It has some efficient features and functionalities that would certainly make you go gaga about this template. Most importantly, this template looks different on each and every device. For example, check it on your PC, Laptop, iPad and even your smartphones you will find all layouts a slight different from others, we call it the excellent designing. Other than that, it has some noteworthy features which are listed below.




Fabric Blogger template is a simply, and minimalistic theme presenting a woven style that is pleasingly unique among modern web design, Fabric is a premium looking blogger template with the great typography which brings out the true beauty of the Theme.



Siren Free Blogger Template

Siren Blogger Template is a xml blogger theme is a blog style post and have very nice use of intro. This is very nice template with is a very good.

Info / Download


Free Chalkboard template

An old classic styled theme made for new generation monitors as it is fully responsive. The standard two column website will be interesting to see as well.


Classic Chalkboard

Plazify Responsive Blogger Template

Plazify is a fully responsive magazine template (you can check yourself by resizing your browser) has 2 sidebars and clean layout area.



NewsMagazine – Three Column Blogger Template

This Is a Two Column Blogger Template with Left and Right Sidebars.The Template Colors Are mainly White, Black, Grey and Blue.



TechMatters – Two Column Blogger Template

This Is a Two Column Blogger Template with a Right Sidebar. This xml blogger template will suit great for your technology blog.



Sentify Responsive Blogger Template

Sentify is super clean and modern design make it suitable for any type of website: creative, agency, portfolio, blog and many more, It is a very powerful, super clean and responsive design. Coded with care in HTML5 & CSS3, Well designed layout area of sentiy also.



Codify Magazine Blogger Template

This is a modern magazine blogger template, which can look great on coding blogs, news blogs, including amazing notification bar.



Central Blogger

A magazine template which is simple in design and will suit your design website which is updated daily.



Cool Three Column Blogger Template

This is another Template with a Left and Right Sidebar and it looks gorgeous straight away. Chilling template for your cool website must try.



Free Blogger Template – Responsive Portfolio

Responsive Portfolio is a free, professionally designed template for your Blogger site with many useful features. Developed for those who want to showcase their portfolio, it includes the ability to display a jQuery carousel, and the whole template adjusts according to the size of the device it is viewed on.


Personal Portfolio

RoadRunner Blogger Template

Roadrunner blogger template is a wide theme, designed for users who used to add tons of Ads on their blog. 3 column template with a wide post area. We’ve added 2 navigation bar on left side-bar and a fixed navigation area on top.



Tech Blog

We’re releasing a simple (little bit stylish) template which is named as Tech Shadow for all the blogger users.  Totally for tech blogs and menu at the bottom still impress me.


Tech Shadow

Galauness Grid Blogger Template

Galauness is free premium blogger template with Elegant, Clean and Minimalist Design representing a grid system this theme can help you for many purposes.




COM4ME Under Construction Blogger Template

COM4ME is a simple and under construction blog blogger template. its design using blue and black color, there have auto count down option, you can use this theme before start blogging.


under construction

Catalog e-commerce Grid template

Another template with grid styled layout which will impress your visitors for sure. This catalog theme will be useful for e-commerce website due to its grid style and adding cart options will be very easy with blogger.




PureZ Blogger Template

PureZ is a magazine style clean blogger template. its 2 column blogger template with 1 right sidebar and 4 column footer area.




A two column template for magazine and news websites as it is compatibly with every browser.



Blue Blogger Template.

A blue & chilly magazine template specially made for blogger and is free to download at any time. Take your time and grab this special  two column theme.


Blue blogger

Minute Grid Template

Minuet is a grid based Blogger template with awesome parallax header and tablet optimized layout. This template is coded in best practice and featuring a clean, modern, and minimal design, packed with many possibilities from Template Designer.


Minute grid

Timeline Blogspot

A timeline inspired template which everyone will love. Using this for blog or news will also bring great results.



K-44 White

This responsive template is probably one of the most beautiful blogger template available to us till date. The template has massive number of unique features which brings the user interaction at its best.


K-44 White

True Pixel

The template has a elegant look and is very attractive. This template has many in built features in it and is suitable for all type of blogs.


True Pixel

Flat Blue Magazine Template

A clean flat magazine template colored in blue is just perfect for latest designs trends.


flat blog

Movie Blogger Template

A movie blog with free downloads. I guess free to provide freely available movies.



Posted Blogger Template

A premium looking magazine / news theme which will make your website look clean and nice.



Flat Green Blogger Template

A green flat template with horizontal layout on the front page make this perfect for photography authors.


Spring green

Kont Magazine Blogger Template

Making a professional blog with these magazine / blog template wont get any easier. Suitable for tech blogs, gaming community etc.



Metro Blogger Template

Metro reminds me of inspiration site dedicated on showcasing user interface designs of new apps, tablets etc. A unique style of magazine of magazine blog including subscription and sliders.



Montric Magazine Blogger Template

A perfect top class magazine template for blogger, no questions asked. This fully packed template consists of  functional scripts designed just enough to fit in the overall Blogger Magazine and with a clean flat design it makes the website stand out.




35 Free And Professional-Looking WordPress Themes

A theme is the backbone of any website and no blogger wants a poorly designed website. The themeis the part of your blog which will reflect who you are, and what you think of, so it’s very important to have a suitable yet highly attractive theme that will match the purpose of your blog. When it comes to selecting good quality themes, however, most bloggers are not ready to pay big bucks for premium themes.

professional looking wordpress themes

Professional yet free WordPress themes are hard to find, but when quality is your first priority, you need to have the best theme for your WordPress blog. We all know that there are lots and lots of sites out there where you can get great-looking, jaw-dropping WordPress themes for your blog. But almost all of them will make your wallet lighter.

Because we all know that there are other expenses involved when managing a blog, I have decided to compile a list of free premium-quality themes — in no particular order — for WordPress. I hope our readers will find a suitable theme for their blog from the list.

Recommended Reading:21 Free Premium WordPress Themes to Impress

Red Captik [ PreviewDownload ]

red captik

Actiniumize [ PreviewDownload ]


Photoria [ PreviewDownload ]


Germaniumify [ PreviewDownload ]


Shuttershot [ PreviewDownload ]


iPhone Denati [ PreviewDownload ]

iphone denati

Boxified [ PreviewDownload ]


Spectacular [ PreviewDownload ]


Nomad [ PreviewDownload ]


Hector [ PreviewDownload ]


Trends [ PreviewDownload ]


Indicate [ PreviewDownload ]


UpStream [ PreviewDownload ]


Sucha [ PreviewDownload ]


Questan [ PreviewDownload ]


Radiumite [ PreviewDownload ]


Calenotis Magazine [ PreviewDownload ]

Calenotis Magazine

Magi Portfolio [ PreviewDownload ]

magi portfolio

WordPress Bling [ PreviewDownload ]

wordpress bling

Typepress [ PreviewDownload ]


iPad Fieden [ PreviewDownload ]

iPad Fieden

Cuand [ PreviewDownload ]


Eliaten[ PreviewDownload ]


Design [ PreviewDownload ]


Masinop [ PreviewDownload ]


Genfes [ PreviewDownload ]


Effective [ PreviewDownload ]


Transhik [ PreviewDownload ]


Casual [ PreviewDownload ]


Tungstenation [ PreviewDownload ]


Shaken Grid [ PreviewDownload ]

Shaken Grid

Mahasoli Tribune [ PreviewDownload ]

Mahasoli Tribune

Cakifo Hicoy [ PreviewDownload ]

Cakifo Hicoy

Minimatica [ PreviewDownload ]


Zoro San [ PreviewDownload ]

Zoro San

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