Adobe launch voice storyteller features in ipad

Now adobe bring a new feature for ipad user, add with motion graphics, animated video clip and HD output without having any special skill or training to design it in new form. Adobe now replaced the power point presentation alignment; a user can easily design their own sheet in the power point format and send it to their closer with both audio and video element on it. The main concern of Adobe is to target students, educator and businesses because they need to build their message in flawless artistic look.

It assembled to persuade your receiver with marvelous foundation of motion graphic and video’s effect to inform viewers.

Adobe Voice

Main concern of adobe:


Though the final story is output in video format, Voice does not work with video per se; rather presentations are a mix of stills, schematics, text, recorded voice and background audio tracks. You touch the screen to record voiceovers one line at a time with background music automatically added.(Read Also:- The Best 7 iOS Apps from April)

One user’s statement that he or she got a chance to operate this app to record motion clip prior on launched; and I found that it is as friendly as promised earlier by the team. The app accomplishes the curate video feed to offer; the programming keeps a user steps with ease to design their first presentation and message.

Adobe launches Voice for iPad

Voice feature keep a user own artist and provide them an arena for story arc to create a strong and an impressive message art. When a person draws an individual page means each page has the feature of voice recording to explain what page want to tell you. You can create some picture galleries within each page otherwise take it from your own collection; adobe itself provide licensed picture to its user if does not have any gallery. Play button provide you an opportunity to see a page anytime.

Adobe Layout

World class feature include in adobe voice storyteller app:


  • Built in 30 pleasing and outstanding theme
  • Eye catchy color, font and graphics are tied with 30 professional back tracks.
  • There’s a theme for almost any kind of presentation from the bold colors of Argyle to the casual style of Light or the subtle and sophisticated Satin.
  • Voice dynamically applies cinematic graphics to stories in real time, including motion blur, 3D, shadows and other professional effects.
  • More than 25000 professionally built icons and million licensed icons are available with it.
  • Adobe Voice, which is in English only, works on ipad 2 and later running ios 7.

Adobe Voice Note

User needs not to worry how it will look; it solely frees them from this concentration. The credit and attribution page automatically update with each pages, so the icons is adorable or not. It will remove extra worry how to add proper credit or art on right presentation.

Adobe says.


“While Voice is primarily designed as a standalone app for storytelling, pro designers can also use it as a sketchbook for structuring professional projects”

When your project will have completed then you can forward it via social networking site and it could be viewed on almost any device.

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