Enhance Your Website Traffic with Oldstats.com


The website is the virtual face of your business. The well optimized website adds more value to your business. Are you business website in need of excellent web optimization tool? Then oldstats.com will be the ideal choice. It’s one of the popular web analyzer sites available online. The website is loaded with a wide range of optimization tools including page rank, information of domain, keyword analyzer, free Majestic SEO, Yandex CY, Quantcast rank and much more options… The tools will assist you to know web statics of business website. You can also check your business website ranking on oldstats.com by entering the domain name in the search box.

Features loaded in oldstats.com:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.29.57 AM.png

Eg : Analysis the digitalpoint.com

The oldstats.com is loaded with various free optimization tools to enhance your website rankings. You can know page ranking of your domain using free Goggle page rank checker online. You need to type your website domain name in the search box and click ok. It will show your website score out of 10 and strength. You can get free google pagerank, yandex cy, quantcast rank and alexa rank for your website at oldstats.com . You need to mention your domain name in given box, select resolution and then click ok. It analysis to  make your website unique and secured.

The reciprocal link checker in oldstats.com allows check mutual raking with your partner domain name. The mutual link exchange will increase your website traffic rankings in search engine results. The link is very important in search engine optimization techniques. The content and correct keyword selection is very important for every website. The keyword attracts more search engine spider scan and increases your website rankings. The keyword ranking tool will assist you select the best keyword for your content.

The website includes show IP feature to know your IP address. It includes Goggle Map and shows your location virtually. You can also check internet speed, location, bandwidth broadband speed test, waterfall charts and website speed optimization checks. The website includes free promo code for your website. You can copy the HTML link and paste in your website as an advertisement. The promo codes attract more web user to your website and automatically increase your website rankings.


The website also make free auto content for your website and blogs. The article rewriter tools make unique content from duplicate content. The unique content is very important enhancing your website rankings. The article rewriter sill changes some words, phrases and change synonym for some words based on the content.  The tool will make unique content without changing the context of the original article. This tool is very important for internet and online marketer. The keyword analyzer for other search engine will assist you to determine excellent keyword and increases your website rankings in other search engines. You need to type your website domain name and click ok; you get keyword from different search engine. Make use of Oldstats.Com free optimization tools and enhance your website rankings and get more profit online.

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